Sunday, 28 December 2008

*Tut* Butterfly Kisses

This tutorial was made using psp9 but can be done in other versions.This tutorial is my design any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
What you will need:

A tube of choice, I used the beautiful work of Keith Garvey, you need to purchase a licence to use his work, you can do that HERE

Template I got from Jbs2designs you can download it HERE

Scrapkit Flutterby Love by Tantrum, Download from HERE scroll to the bottom and you will find it somewhere down there lol.

Fonts of choice I used Estelle Black sf and Freestyle script

Mask from Weescotslass you can download from HERE make sure you download the mask pack named WSL_Masks61-120

Filters: Eyecandy Impact

Right lets rock n roll!!!

Remember, Save often ;o)

Open a new image 650 x 650 (don't panic we will re size later)

Flood fill white, add new layer, go to ur scrap kit and choose a paper I chose paper 9, right click, copy.... go to our image, selections, select all, paste, paste into selection, selections, select none.

Layers, Load/save mask and choose the mask named WSL_120, load, Layers merge merge group, now duplicate this layer and position it to your liking on your canvas.

open your Template, copy and paste each layer onto your canvas and position just the way you like it, OK now, open a paper of choice I used paper 13, copy, back to our image with your magic wand select one of the background rectangles, make sure the ants are marching around Ur rectangle, right click, paste, paste into selection, selections, select none. Repeat this for the other rectangle.

go back to paper 9 and copy, click on ur frame background, selections, select all, float, defloat, paste, paste into selection. Okies now onto ur frame layer, selection, select all, float, defloat, open up a paper of choice I used no 7, copy, back to frame, and again paste into selection, keep selected, Effects, plugins, eyecandy, glass,settings, clear no drop shadow, selections, select none.

Use the same Glass settings for your brush layer.

Open your tube and place on ur canvas, to make it look like its coming out of the frame, with ur magic wand click on the inside of ur frame layer, selections, invert.... then click back onto ur tube layer, grab ur eraser tool and erase the bits that are hanging out of the frame that you dont want. Selections, select none click on ur brush layer, select all float, defloat, click back ontu ur tube layer and again erase parts of the tube so that it looks like she is intertwined... once happy, selections, select none.

No place some of the elements around your canvas.

Now add all ur txt, copyrights and watermarks.

Go to ur crop tool and just crop out as much of the left over white as u can, layers, merge, Merge all (flatten) and then re size.

Save as Jpeg and thats it ur done!!!

I hope you had fun!! :o)

Using your

Hi guys!

Hey guys, just a quick message to say I hope you all had a wonderfull christmas, I have been ill with the winter flu bug thats been goin around but heh still managed to have a good crimbo!! shall be posting my next tut very soon, so keep ya eyes pealed xxxxxx

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Tuts showcase!!!

Here you will find taggies made from my tuts!! if you would like urs put here email me HERE and i will be more than happy to add it!!

Much love!! xxx

Spoiled Rotten:

Friday, 19 December 2008

*Tut*Spoiled Rotten

Ok here goes for my first tut!!

This tutorial was made using psp9 but can be done in other versions.

This tutorial is my design any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

What you will need:

Tube of choice, I have used the stunning work of ©Dominic Marco, you can purchase a licence for his workHERE And visit his website HERE

Filters: None

Animation shop

Stars Mask I got from weescotslass you can visit her site HERE

Spoiled Rotten mask, I have no idea where this has come from so if it's yours please let me know and I will take the relevant action you require.

Ribbon or bow of choice

Download supplies HERE and save to masks folder

Fonts of choice I used Bradley hand ict and Brush Script standard

Lets Go!

Remember to save often!

Open a blank canvas 600 x 600 flood fill white

Open your tube of choice and pick a colour from that, now go back to your original image.

Add new layer and flood fill with ur chosen colour, layers, load/save mask, load mask from disk, find your WSL_120 mask making sure invert transparency is UN checked, click load.

Merge, merge group

On your merged layer right click and duplicate 2 more times, rename these layers mask1,mask2.mask3

Click on your mask 1 layer, Adjust, add/remove noise, set to gaussian monochrome checked 70%.

Click on mask 2, the same again but change to 80%

Click on mask 3, again the same but change to 90%

Hide the last 2 mask layers until we are ready to animate :)

Ok, change ur colour pallets to black and draw a circle in the centre of your canvas roughly the same size as mine, right click, convert to raster, duplicate, flood fill with the colour you chose for your mask layer,Duplicate, pull that layer underneath your black circle layer, adjust,blur, gaussian blur, set to radius 10.00.

Go to your top coloured layer, layers, load/save mask, load mask from disk this time look for your spoiled rotten mask click load mask. Merge, Merge Group.

Go back to your black circle layer and re size 95%

Right back to your elipse tool making sure your background colour is transparent, create as vector is checked, line style Diamond, width 10.00.... draw a circle the size of our other circles but just arrange it so that it comes to just outside of the blur.

Layers, new raster layer, text tool hover the diamond circle so that you get the A with the half circle around it click and add your text, whatever size or font that looks good, after i wrote what i thought looked good I wrote it again went to the beginning of the second saying and just pressed

the space bar until the it was in a position on the circle that I liked... click apply and convert to raster.

Go to your diamond layer and erase any of the line that is showing on the font.

Open your tube and ribbon/bow copy and paste onto your canvas and arrange to your liking :)

Once you have done that add your copyright, license number and watermark. Go to your bottom 4 layers and X them out, layers, merge, merge visible un X the bottom two layers.

Back to text tool foreground black background colour of choice,stroke width 2.00, font of choice, make sure its nice and bold though, once you have it the way you like it, convert to raster and duplicate twice rename Name 1, Name 2 and Name 3, got to adjust, add/remove noise, add noise.... the same settings as before :o)

X out Name 2 and 3

Copy merged

Woah!! nearly there!!!

Open animation shop right click paste as new animation

Back to paintshop:

X out Mask 1 and Name 1, un X Mask 2 and Name 2, copy merged

Back to animation shop: paste after current frame.

Paintshop again! lol X out mask2 and name 2 un X Mask3 and Name3, Copy Merged.

Animationshop paste after current frame.... you should now have 3 frames...

Save and your done!!! w00t!!

I hope you had fun and you could understand my ramblings!! LOL

Much love xxxx

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Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. You cannot copy, translate, steal and claim them as your own.
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